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Plush Beds

Keep your dogs warm and cosy with our plush dog beds. All easy to wash.

Snooze Doggy MASBRILL No Pull Dog Harness Pet Reflective Nylon Adjustable Medium Large Naughty Dog Vest Safety Vehicular Lead Walking Running


Quality non pull harnesses in a range of colours for all size dogs.

Snooze Doggy Cooling Dog Vest

Cool Vest

Keep your dog cool in the Hot Weather with our Cool Down Collection.

Collars & Leads

Lots of different styles and colours to choose from. From little to large

Dogs On The Streets

As a small business we understand the importance of giving back. So £1 from your order will go to this amazing charity that supports dogs of the homeless including things like veterinary care.

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How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat!

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat!

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat As temperatures rise, it’s crucial to ensure our furry friends stay cool and comfortable. Dogs are susceptible to heat just like humans, and without proper car...

Heat Stroke In Dogs - Snooze Doggy

Heat Stroke In Dogs

With the hot weather set to roll in this weekend please read below for tips on how to prevent heatstroke, and also the signs to look out for.  If you suspect your dog has heatstroke please seek vet...

Meet Samson: Our Brand Ambassador! - Snooze Doggy

Meet Samson: Our Brand Ambassador!

  We are delighted to introduce you to our German Shepherd Samson who is a crucial part of Snooze Doggy.  He is the reason we created a dog store. He definitely brings a unique charm, enthusiasm...